German Express Provides Services

German Express Provides Services
German express company’s time matters maintain urgently needed cargo transportation services during the epidemic crisis
According to foreign media reports recently, in the current new coronavirus crisis, although the air transportation capacity is limited, the German express company time matters still help customers maintain the urgently needed cargo transportation services.
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time matters is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group of Germany, its CEO Alexander Kohnen said: “As an emergency logistics supplier, despite the severe situation facing the company, the company is still in an advantageous position because the company has formulated comprehensive measures at an early stage, And constantly review and adjust according to the epidemic situation. “
Alexander Kohnen added: “It is worth noting that in the past few weeks, despite the severe situation and the limited air cargo capacity, the company can still provide customers with the right transportation solutions to meet their needs, which is what customers favor. The reason for this is mainly due to the company ’s professional advantages and the extensive partnership with more than 500 companies and airlines around the world. According to the development of the epidemic, the company plans to The United States further expands its business. “
In the global economic slowdown and challenging market environment, Time matters company’s operating income in 2019 still reached 114.8 million euros.
The company focuses on the development of international business, continuously investing in network expansion, digitization of core business and sustainable air transportation solutions. At present, the company’s global same-day delivery route has expanded to 11 sites in China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. Its subsidiary in Shanghai, China-time matters International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was established specifically for the Chinese market.

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