Why Us

Why Best Plus Group could assist you, when Sourcing, Importing and Shipping from China?
There are thousands of shipping companies out there, why choose Best Plus Group, what makes us special?

1. Customized Customer Experience & Higher Attention
Every industry is different, requirement of clients varies from one to another. We complement your supply chain by offering total customized shipping solution, chasing optimal customer experience. We always get your back, find you balance between speed and economy.
In China’s shipping and procurement market, we always tend to offer available resources and priority to direct foreign clients. For example, during the peak season, orders from direct foreign clients are often handled by the most experienced personnel, and take precedence over domestic clients, over forwarders from abroad.

2. High Efficiency, Real Instant Response, 24/7/365
Excellent service starts with effective communication. Our clients never have to worry about time difference. We always reply to you in less than 12 hours even if you are on the other side of the world. Any problem will be handled immediately whether it’s in China or in the US, even different time zones. We collect all your requirements, make customized plan and carry out without delay.

3. Local Touch, Global Reach.
Even if a freight forwarder/shipping agent in your own country can do the same work, they have to rely on a local logistics/forwarding company for their local services at lower cost, local knowledge, local relationships, especially connections with customs. This, to some degree, reflects our power in Local touch.
Shipping from China, the majority of work and complexities lie in China side. With our worldwide connections, we can reach anywhere in the world, carry with care, delivering a unique customer experience.

4. Dedicated, Therefore Professional
By choosing working with us, you choose a reliable shipping service provider, a hassle-free way which allows you to focus on your core business, and free you from all the troubles in shipping.
Everybody got limited time and energy. Stay focused, and bring the best out of you for the most worthwhile job. Logistics/shipping is our expertise, you too should stay focused Best Plus Group, service without boundaries.

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