Our Structure

Our Structure
We have many functions in Best Plus Group, whereas our main three is Purchasing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Order Coordination. These areas are the pillars in maintaining a productive and reliable co-operation with our suppliers.
Best Plus Group has purchasing teams, who work effectively with our suppliers and discover new items for the clients’ markets. Each team upholds a strong motivation and effort to provide our customer with the best products at the best prices. We look forward to seeing it continue in the years to come.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The CSR team quality proofs that each selected supplier, complies with our terms of purchase and assist them in correcting any issues they may experience according to local laws and our corporate policies. This approach help improve the company and suppliers, as well as create a healthy work relationship.
Order Coordination
The Order coordination team makes sure that the suppliers follows our terms of purchase and deliver the goods on time.

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