global sourcing
Sourcing-Global Manufacturing Service

Sourcing & Purchase
Best Plus Group sources any product, machinery, or service you need in China. We find the best options for you and best vendors for your choice. We do all purchasing process easy for you. We can do what you can not do.

Quality Control
Best Plus Group controls the quality of your purchase before shipment. We are your eyes at the factory. We can do what you can not do.

Logistics and Customs
Best Plus Group coordinates all logistics in order you can get your products at home without troubles and at the best possible Competitive price. We can save a lot of costings for you consolidating goods with other customers.

If the product you want doesn’t exist, we can help you to develop it, our engineers can work from your idea to the real product. We could find the good facotories to assist you. We are in China and could help you follow up the case closely.

Our Features
A Professional and Skilled Team with long Experience
Our team is formed mainly with young engineers with a long track record in product development and product sourcing in China. For more than 10 years we have been working in different sectors like: Toys, renewable energy, machinery, hardware, building materials,… We are familiar with any cities of China and Hong Kong, even some Asian countries.

We can do what you can not do
We know about your product
We work fast and efficiently
Easy Communication
You can contact us at any time 24/24 – 365/365
A job well done is the most important thing for us


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