What is our goal?
1) Our plan for future 5 years: While leading industry, we hope to expand our business to mutil industrial with our professional financial teams. We want our company to become an internationally competitive enterprise in markets.
2) Our vision for future 5 years: Leading supply chain business.
3) Our strategy for future 5 years: By building a powerful intelligence system, we hope to connect different steps in supply chain perfectly. Furthermore, we are looking forward to build an environmentally friendly supply chain business circle.
How do we achieve our goals?
1) First, we improve our supply chain management service inside.
2) Secondly, we mingle our advantageous resources together and put our services on supply-chain portable to further help our customers.
What is the difference between supply chain management service and normal traders?
Supply chain management service offers a one-step solution for customers. However, normal traders are just middleman purchasing and reselling products. The future product business should focus on supply chain portable service rather than traditional middleman model.
1)We can cover multiple steps including but not limited as purchasing, processing, selecting, and reselling…
2)We also cover multiple industrial products, and diversified areas.
3)It is safe to say we are leading future business.
Which one is better for Best Plus Group: buyers’ market or sellers’ market?
1)We provide supply chain management service as a smart middleman; thus, no matter how market balance changes, we can still provide services for different customers.
2)If we have to make an option, we think a buyers’ market is better, because it represents a healthier market environment and we can have more downstream customers needing for our services.

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