DHL & Egypt Post Cooperation

DHL Express and Egypt Post sign cooperation agreement
Recently, DHL Express and Egypt Post signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote the development of e-commerce business in Africa.
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Based on Egypt Post ’s growth and transformation strategy, Egypt Post is committed to becoming a regional leader in e-commerce in Africa. The agreement aims to promote transportation to and from the African continent through innovative services, while consolidating Egypt’s position as a major regional hub.
According to media reports, the two parties will cooperate in logistics and supply chain integration to develop e-commerce parcel transportation and express delivery services to and from Africa. DHL Express will support Egypt Post ’s development of e-commerce business, and build Egypt ’s postal center as a distribution center in Africa, while Egypt Post will provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure greater distribution in accordance with international requirements and standards.
In addition, DHL Express is continuously reducing carbon dioxide emissions and its impact on the environment through the use of more energy-efficient air cargo aircraft, electric vehicles and environmentally friendly buildings. The company’s goal is to achieve zero emissions by 2050.
DHL Express previously purchased 14 Boeing 777 cargo planes. Four cargo planes have been delivered for use in 2019, six will be delivered in 2020, and the remaining four will be delivered in 2021.
In ground transportation, 12% of DHL Express ’s 34,100 transportation vehicles are environmentally friendly vehicles, or electric vehicles, or human-powered bicycles. According to the fleet upgrade plan, DHL Express will gradually increase the proportion of environmentally friendly vehicles to 15%, 20%, and 25%.

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