FedEx Provides Services for Medical

FedEx provides international distribution services for important medical supplies
FedEx has continuously strengthened its assistance to governments, organizations and customers to supply much-needed medical supplies to the United States and the world.
FedEx said that due to the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, FedEx has established an unprecedented close cooperative relationship with the US President ’s Special Team for New Coronavirus, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Health Agency.
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David Abney, Chairman and CEO of FedEx, said that FedEx ’s dedicated employees, global service network, and public-private partnerships have built a strong logistics network for rapid deployment of protective equipment and testing reagents in the United States and around the world. FedEx Healthcare Department has many years of professional knowledge and service experience in transporting important life-saving medicines, medical equipment, diagnostic specimens and other medical materials.
Wes Wheeler, president of the FedEx Healthcare Division, pointed out that after the outbreak, the FedEx global medical service team quickly assembled to gather all medical service experience to provide emergency assistance services to customers in the medical and life sciences fields. FedEx’s core competitiveness lies in its ability to respond to emergencies quickly, regardless of whether it is under the severe conditions of natural disasters or the spread of epidemics, so it spares no effort to fight for the epidemic.
Through cooperation with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, FedEx will provide the emergency management agency with supply chain services for the distribution of personal protective equipment and necessary medical supplies (including ventilators, N95 masks, and gloves used by medical personnel) throughout the United States. At the same time, the Emergency Management Agency can also use FedEx’s World Port logistics facility in Louisville to handle important cargo from overseas.
In addition, FedEx has also worked closely with a large number of government agencies and enterprises to transfer materials such as testing reagents, personal protective equipment, and medical equipment. Services provided by FedEx Healthcare include: supply chain management, temperature-controlled packaging of medical equipment, laboratories, and clinical trial samples, delivery, storage, and fulfillment services. FedEx Healthcare ’s services meet the requirements of “Good Document Management Standards” and “Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management Standards”. Global infrastructure, monitoring and tracking capabilities, and private data protection systems can better help frontline companies fight the epidemic.

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