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When it comes to search traffic, I believe everyone is more familiar with it, and I usually pay more attention to this piece of data, but for related traffic, it is estimated that many seller friends do not pay special attention, but for Amazon, related traffic is a very important product Entrance and high conversion are also important characteristics of associated traffic. Let ’s first explain what is associated traffic.
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Like Amazon, a platform containing tens of millions of goods, consumers often encounter the following problems when shopping:

  1. Not easy to find (too many products, it is very troublesome to find a few to meet the needs)
  2. Difficult to choose (too many homogeneous products)
  3. Cumbersome (buy a mobile phone, and then buy a film to find another one, choose again)
    So there is a correlation recommendation technology.
    Amazon is one of the earliest platforms to apply this technology, mainly reflected in the three locations of the bought together, also bought, and view of the Listing page. The traffic generated from these three locations is called associated traffic.
    The characteristic of the associated traffic is high conversion, because it naturally solves the problems encountered by the above customers when shopping.

As you can imagine, if Frequently bought together is the product in the middle, what will happen to the daily order volume.
The three recommended areas in Amazon Listing, in order of importance from high to low, are bought together> also bought> also view. According to statistics, the conversion rate of bought together is as high as 20%, which is equivalent to 100 orders generated by the current Listing product, which will bring 20 orders for the bought together product. If a product appears in the bought together of several hot-selling products, the sales volume will naturally be high, and some product-related traffic accounts for more than 40% of the total traffic.
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Understanding the product’s associated traffic entrance (your products appear in those products ‘bought together, also bought, and view) is very important for lean operations. On the one hand, you can analyze the source of your products’ orders more finely, on the other hand, you can also have Carry out targeted promotion and promote association with hot products. But on Amazon, you can only see which products are associated with your products (other people’s products appear on the product’s detail page), but you cannot see which products are associated with your product (which products’ detail page appears on your product) 4KMILES’s product-associated traffic analysis system is specifically designed to solve this problem. Through the capture of Amazon’s massive ASIN, a reverse mapping relationship is established. As long as the ASIN is given, the ASIN’s associated traffic source can be found.
Associated traffic is a part that is easily overlooked in Amazon operations, mainly because the operable space for associated traffic is limited (but there are still methods), but once the association is reached, it will be stable and effective for a long time, so that the product can obtain stable and high conversion flow.
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