China Procurement agent

China Procurement and Purchasing Agent

China Procurement and Purchasing Agent will assist you in your procurement when you purchase from oversea factories or suppliers.Imported items...

How to find a good Procurement and Purchasing Agent in China?

How to find a good Procurement and Purchasing Agent in China? Best Plus Group would like to answer you this...

E canton fair ONLINE

Going To Africa

Going To Africa is helping suppliers open their African markets. China’s high-quality and cheap products are exported to African countries,...

online canton fair

Online Canton Fair

Online Canton Fair (E-Canton Fair) is the first time to open online for international buyers and national purchasers.The Online Canton...

Eid Mubarak

Eid al-Fitr Holiday

Eid al-Fitr holiday: Look at the new moon on the last day of Ramadan and see if the month of...

China Trade factory

Foreign Trade Process

Foreign trade export clearance process:An enterprise that needs to entrust a professional or agent customs declaration company to go through...

fresh litchi producer

Exporting Lychees to Oversea

We are growing & processing Lychee for about 35 Years. The lychee tree is sometimes called the litchi, laichi or...

China Medical ventilator factory Surgical

Europe Ventilator Needed

Ventilator is a vital medical device that can prevent and treat respiratory failure, reduce complications, save and prolong the lives...

sourcing company China factory

Chinese Sourcing Vs Trading Company

Many traditional customers know about the trading company and place order, but they are cheated head was broken and bleeding....

Tesla Model S Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle – EV

An electric car is a car that uses electric energy as a power source and is driven by an electric...

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