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We are growing & processing Lychee for about 35 Years. The lychee tree is sometimes called the litchi, laichi or lichu. It is a tropical fruit tree native to China. The lychee is a dense, rounded tree that can grow up to 40 feet tall. With care and protection from the wind, the lychee tree can be successfully grown in tropical and subtropical climates.
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Lychee trees can be grown from seeds, but hybrid seed sources will not produce fruit. If fruit is desired, you must use a non-hybrid seed source. Planted from seed, your tree may take up to seven years to produce fruit. Lychee trees should be planted in the late spring after all danger of frost is past. Newly planted trees need water daily for the first few weeks until they’re established. Afterward, they need to be watered only when there is no rain for an extended period of time.
Picking-weighing-boxing-inspecting-into the cold storage, all links are tightly connected. After a series of actions are completed, a box of fresh and full litchis (lychees) are loaded into containers and shipped overseas.
Feizixiao Litchi (lychees) was officially shipped to Canada and Australia after being quarantined and supervised by Maoming customs officers. This batch of litchis weighs 61 tons and has a value of more than 1.3 million yuan. It is the first batch of litchis (lychees) exported from Maoming this year. It also means that the litchi export battle in Guangdong this year has officially started.
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A batch of fresh lychees weighing 8.64 tons and valued at RMB 23.5 million were shipped to Australia after passing the inspection and quarantine of Maoming Customs, which opened the prelude to the export of Maoming litchi this year.
In order to guarantee the quality of the exported lychee fruit, the lychee to be exported must first ensure that the weight meets the requirements; then the customs conducts a sample inspection to check whether there are quarantine harmful organisms; in addition, the lychee destined for Australia is subject to special cold treatment quarantine. With the help of fresh-keeping technology in cooperation with South China Agricultural University, the fresh-keeping period of litchi (lychees) in Zefengyuan can reach 40 days, which can meet the long shipping demand.
Maoming is the main lychee producing area in Guangdong Province and a major city for lychee cultivation in China. Litchi (lychees) cultivation has become a major local industry and an important channel for farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich.
In order to help local fresh lychees to go abroad, let fruit farmers get more benefits from the lychee harvest, help win the epidemic prevention and control battle and fight against poverty, Maoming Customs actively exerts its customs functions and technical advantages, and deeply develops the warm heart to help the agricultural war. The “Action” aims to address the issues of perishable fresh lychee and the long quarantine cycle of lychee exported to the United States and Australia. Priority inspections and cold treatment operations are given by appointment, opening up a “green channel” for customs clearance of agricultural products, accelerating the linking of various operations, and reducing the time for export customs clearance.
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“During the prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, there are many uncertain factors. It is not easy to obtain foreign litchi (lychees) orders, and it is even more difficult to export as planned. Thanks to the customs officers for their scientific guidance, precise assistance, and high-quality services, our Litchi (lychees) was exported in time and smoothly. “
Last year, Guangdong litchi was exported to Chile for the first time by air, and Chinese litchi entered the South American market for the first time.
The relevant person in charge of Maoming Customs said that Litchi is a special agricultural product of Maoming. In the next step, the Customs will continue to understand the development trend of the litchi (lychees) industry, listen to the voice of the enterprise, and focus on the measures for the prevention and control of port epidemic situation and the convenience of customs clearance. Requirements, strengthen supervision, optimize services, do “six stability” work with practical actions, implement the “six guarantees” task, serve fruit farmers to get rid of poverty and get rich, and services to win the battle against poverty.
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