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An electric car is a car that uses electric energy as a power source and is driven by an electric motor. It belongs to new energy vehicles, and is classified into pure electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) according to the source of power.
After entering the 1990s, the energy density of energy storage units represented by lithium batteries has accelerated, which has solved the battery life problems that have plagued electric vehicles for nearly a century. The rise of emerging electric vehicle brands represented by Tesla, and traditional fuel vehicle manufacturers R & D and production of electric vehicles are being accelerated. At the same time, the construction of charging piles, replacement stations and fuel cells for electric vehicles, such as hydrogen refueling stations, is also accelerating. In European countries such as China, the United States, and Norway and Finland, policy support has also been given to varying degrees, including cash subsidies, low-interest loans, and unpaid land.
Pure electric vehicle A car driven by an electric motor.
For electric vehicles, compared with fuel vehicles, the main differences (differences) are the four major components, the drive motor, the speed controller, the power battery, and the vehicle charger. Compared to gas stations, it is powered by a public ultra-fast charging station. The quality difference of pure electric vehicles depends on these four components, and the value of them depends on the quality of these four components. The use of pure electric vehicles is also directly related to the configuration of the four major components.
The speed of pure electric vehicles depends on the power and performance of the drive motor. The length of its continuous mileage depends on the capacity of the vehicle power battery. The weight of the vehicle power battery depends on which power battery such as lead acid, zinc Carbon, lithium batteries, etc., vary in volume, specific gravity, specific power, specific energy, and cycle life. This depends on the manufacturer’s positioning and use of the vehicle grade, as well as market definition and market segmentation.
The driving motors of pure electric vehicles are DC brushed, brushless, permanent magnet, electromagnetic, and AC stepper motors. Their selection is also related to the vehicle configuration, use, and grade. In addition, the speed control of the drive motor is also divided into step speed and stepless speed. There are electronic speed controllers and non-speed controllers. Motors include hub motors, inner rotor motors, single motor drives, multiple motor drives, and combined motor drives.
The driving power of the electric motor comes from a vehicle-mounted rechargeable battery or other energy storage device. Electric vehicles Electric vehicles Most vehicles are directly driven by electric motors. Some vehicles have an electric motor installed in the engine compartment, and some use the wheels as rotors of four electric motors. The difficulty lies in power storage technology.
The driving electric energy of the electric motor does not itself emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Even if the power consumption is converted into the emissions of the power plant, in addition to sulfur and particulates, other pollutants are also significantly reduced.
Electric vehicles can also make full use of the surplus electricity at night when electricity is low, so that power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits. It is these advantages that make the research and application of electric vehicles a “hot spot” in the automotive industry.
ICM step-wave six-segment charging similar to mobile phone charging, with good desulfurization effect, can activate the battery first, and then perform maintenance-type fast charging, with timing, full alarm, computer fast charging, password control, self-identifying voltage , Multiple protection, four outputs and other functions, supporting universal output interface, can quickly charge all electric vehicles. Shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, parking lots, community gates, roadside shops and other public places.
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