frozen tilapia Africa

Tilapia Hole Sale in Africa

In recent years, China’s frozen tilapia has spread across the ocean and exported to the African market. It has won...

China frozen tilapia

China Frozen Tilapia Factory

As a Chinese export aquatic product, tilapia occupies an important position. According to customs statistics, China’s exports of aquatic products...

frozen tilapia fillets

Tilapia Export To Brazil

Brazilian tilapia producer and seafood processor GeneSeas continues to be optimistic about the 2019 Brazilian tilapia and shrimp market. “Because...

Gutted frozen tilapia

Tilapia Export To Europe

The production of tilapia ranks second in the country for many years, and its export volume accounts for more than...


Catfish Export To Europe & USA

The UK is the second largest export destination for catfish in Europe.The catfish imported from Europe increased significantly in April...

golden pompano

Golden Pompano to Canada

A batch of frozen and cultured golden carp weighing 17.061 tons and valued at 119,900 US dollars passed the inspection...

gold pompano pomfret

Gold Pompano Export

In 2016, the port exported a total of 4435.2 tons of frozen squid, with a value of 19.534 million US...

gold pomfret China

Gold Pomfret Export

Recently, the port area’s economic development to the sea has been “good”: the innovation-driven marine ranch intelligent service demonstration base...

Frozen Black Tilapia

Frozen Black Tilapia

The tilapia with strong survivability is common, but after 30 years of market testing, the nutritional value of tilapia has...

Frozen Tilapia Gutted Scaled

Gutted Scaled Frozen Tilapia

Recently, under the background of Sino-US trade friction, Customs actively assists export enterprises in the jurisdiction to interpret new policy...

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