Zambia & Ecuador Power China Hydropower Station

According to PowerChina, its subsidiary China Hydropower International has recently signed a contract for Zambia’s largest hydropower station worth US$1.566 billion (approximately RMB 10 billion).
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51-month construction period to help the development of mining and agriculture
According to reports, the Xiakaifu Gorge Hydropower Station to be built this time is the first hydropower station invested and developed in Zambia in 40 years. The installed capacity of the hydropower station is 750,000 kilowatts, which will increase Zambia’s existing electricity by 38%, meet the country’s electricity demand in the next 5 to 10 years, and provide stable power guarantee for its mining and agricultural development.
China Power Construction Group is a wholly state-owned company, mainly engaged in the development and operation of construction projects, electric power, water conservancy and other resources. The group’s Sinohydro entered the Zambian market in 1999. As of the end of 2014, the completed and under construction projects involved hydropower stations, transmission lines, roads and other fields. Zambia is an important cooperative partner of China in Africa. The country is rich in water resources, with a power generation capacity of 6000 MW. The installed capacity in 2014 was only 2203 MW, which has great potential for development.
In recent years, African emerging economies have significantly increased their investment in infrastructure construction. The priority action areas of the African Union’s 2012-2020 infrastructure development plan involve energy, transportation, water resources, communications and other aspects. The total investment scale is estimated to reach 67.9 billion U.S. dollars, of which energy investment is as high as 40.3 billion U.S. dollars.
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The CocaCodo Sinclair Hydropower Project in Ecuador is located at the junction of the provinces of Napo and Sucumbios in northern Ecuador in South America. It is currently the largest hydropower project in Ecuador and the most important construction project in Ecuador. It is highly regarded by the governments of China and Ecuador. Pay attention. The project is funded by the Export-Import Bank of China and undertaken by China National Hydropower Corporation under the China Power Construction Corporation. It is an EPC project. The contract value of the project is US$ 1,979,700,000.00, and the joint venture is named the Ecuador CCS Hydropower Project Department; the hydropower station is a diversion power station with a total of 8 units and a total installed capacity of 1500MW. The power station is located in the Coca River Basin in eastern Ecuador. The dam site of the power station is about 130km away from the capital Quito. The power station consists of the following parts: river barrier and water intake project, a 24.8km long water conveyance tunnel, compensating reservoir, two ultra-high and deep pressure shafts (600 meters), underground powerhouse and transformer room, outlet and switch station, etc. In the project, a total of 8 187.5MW impulse turbine generator sets were installed. The project has a contract duration of 66 months and construction started on July 28, 2010.
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Power China Hydropower Station
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