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Sourcing Goods and Suppliers from China? We are your best China Sourcing Agent here to help you look for goods in lower cost and high efficiency working.
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Alibaba is the world largest B2B online platform, easy for importers to find numbers of suppliers for any product. However, you may be faced with the problems below:
# Too many suppliers to deal with, esp when you plan to make mixed order.
# For lots of products, prices on Alibaba are quite high. Because many of them are trading companies, and the real manufacturers don’t know English or online business.
# Shipping products from different suppliers together is difficult, which can save shipping cost a lot if achieved.
# Can’t check product quality before shipping. Not worthy to hire a quality inspection company when order is small.
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However, deal with Best Plus Group :
* Best Plus Group helps contact different suppliers and choose the best.
* Best Plus Group helps negotiate best price with right suppliers. They offer lower price because we are local and bring them more business.
* Best Plus Group collects all your products and ship together. You also can use our warehouse for free in certain period.
* Best Plus Group checks all products before shipping, handle with suppliers if there’s quality defect.. You can save money for quality inspection.
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All the time, Best Plus Group has been in this shipping field, dealing with all kinds of shipments as well as all kinds of suppliers. We can guarantee that all the suppliers we know are reliable.
If you happen to need assistance in sourcing from China, we are here to help.
Best Plus Group accelerates and simplifies your sourcing.
Your China sourcing Agent
We can do what you can not do
We know about your product
We work fast and efficiently
Easy Communication
You can contact us at any time 24/24 – 365/365
A job well done is the most important thing for us

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