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Latvia Railway Shipping Agent is for China to Latvia can be transported by train.
Recommended routes for cargo transportation to Latvia (currently advantageous domestic routes): Provide trains to Chengdu Railway Port nationwide, and after customs clearance at the Lodz site in Poland, trucks or foreign TNT, UPS are dispatched to Latvia.
The name of Latvia is derived from the national language, meaning “armor” and “metal clothing”. It is a parliamentary republic located in northeastern Europe. It is called the “Three Baltic States” together with Estonia and Lithuania.
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Latvia covers an area of 64,589 square kilometers, with 49% forest coverage, picturesque plains, rivers, lakes and hills, and a vast and magnificent coastline.
The main resources of Latvia are limestone, gypsum, dolomite, quartz sand, gravel for construction and road repair, and peat. There are more than 3,000 lakes and more than 750 rivers in Latvia, and the inland water area is 2,419 square kilometers. It provides an outstanding natural place for water industry. The Baltic Sea is rich in fish resources. Latvia currently has a population of 1.96 million people, presenting diverse civilization characteristics, and many residents are fluent in multiple languages. The Midsummer Festival celebrating the summer solstice is the oldest and most popular traditional festival in the region.
Since the age of the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages, Latvia has a long tradition of free trading that has made it an open trading market; its advantageous geographical location has made it an important logistics center connecting the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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Latvia is a member of the European Union with a superior geographical location. In recent years, it has a stable political situation and rapid economic growth.
Latvia pursues a free economic policy, regards attracting and encouraging foreign investment as one of the important methods of economic development, and the overall investment environment is outstanding.
Latvia has abundant forest resources and three international seaports. Timber, machinery, metal product manufacturing, transportation, wholesale and retail equivalent labor are relatively prosperous.
The Latvian government highly agrees with my country’s “One Belt One Road” proposal and is willing to actively participate in the majestic plan of building a large Eurasian transportation and logistics channel. As a country with a relatively prosperous transportation and logistics industry, Latvia has rich experience in arranging and operating rail transportation between the Baltic States and Central Asia and completing cargo transportation between Asia and Europe, and hopes to leverage the advantages of the Baltic Sea port to develop interconnectivity. Construction and collaboration with port areas and parks.
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On November 5, 2016, the first Yiwu-Riga China-Europe freight train slowly entered the No. 2 platform of the Riga Central Railway Station in the capital of Latvia, and the railway transportation line between my country and Latvia was opened from this. Connecting roads and hearts, China-Latin America economic and trade cooperation embarks on a new journey.
From Yiwu to Riga, and then to neighboring countries, some Yiwu goods carried by the express train will soon be transferred to other Eastern and Nordic countries. Latvia assumes the role of an important transit station for Sino-European transactions. The mutually beneficial and win-win format of China-Latin America economic and trade cooperation shows new ideas . With its advantageous geographical location, Latvia is expected to become one of the logistics centers connecting Eurasia. The transportation and logistics industry accounts for as high as 10% of the Latvian economy, providing 100,000 jobs; my country has cost-effective equipment and rich experience in the construction of railways and ports; supply and demand are connected and complementary advantages. China and Latin America are in transportation, logistics, Collaboration in infrastructure and production capacity is promising.
In 2015, my country’s direct investment in Latvia increased by 2.47 million euros, an increase of 74.62%. By the end of 2015, the stock reached 5.78 million euros. The utilization and processing of forest resources, the utilization of transportation infrastructure and logistics services, the processing and assembly of information and communication technology equipment, and the production of renewable energy are the key points for Chinese-funded enterprises to invest in Latvia.
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On November 4, 2016, at the invitation of Prime Minister Kuczynskis of the Republic of Latvia, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council attended the Fifth my country-CEEC Leaders’ Meeting and paid an official visit to Latvia. During the meeting, Latvian Prime Minister Kuczynskis stated to Li Keqiang that “Latin America is willing to become a reliable partner of my country and a gateway for Chinese enterprises to enter the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.”
Li Keqiang stated that Latvia is a good friend of our country in the Baltic region and an important cooperative partner of our country in Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union.
Li Keqiang stated that Latvia is a good friend of our country in the Baltic region and an important cooperative partner of our country in Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union. “China is willing to use Latvia as an important transit point for my country’s transactions with the EU, exporting more high-quality and low-cost Chinese products to the EU, and giving local citizens more diversified product choices.” Li Keqiang said, “China is also willing to go through this. The transit station will import more competitive products from the EU, satisfy the higher-level consumer demand of domestic consumers, and further promote market balance.”
After the meeting, Li Keqiang and Kuczynskis witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents in the areas of economy and trade, transportation, and civilization. Kuczynskis revealed to the media that within the cooperation structure between the two countries, Latvia can provide transportation and logistics services via railways, ports and Riga Airport, which facilitates the two-way flow of goods between my country and Scandinavian countries. Looking to the future, Latvia has put forward a national development strategy to open up new Asian markets, and regards cooperation with China as a priority; my country has put forward the “One Belt One Road” proposal, which regards Latvia as an important node for the “One Belt One Road” to enter Europe, and has been active in Latvia. Response. Riding on the spring breeze of the close docking of the development strategies of the two countries, the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries will surely become more vigorous and move forward in great strides.
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