Israel Ventilator Production

The United States is the largest manufacturing and consumer market for ventilators, followed by Europe and China.
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In Israel, the production line for missiles has been transformed and has begun to produce ventilators.
With the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, many countries are faced with the shortage of medical supplies, especially the insufficient number of ventilators.
According to the Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, there are only 2,000 ventilators in Israel.
On March 31, the Israeli Ministry of Defense issued a message saying that in order to make up for the shortage of medical equipment, Israel has transformed the original missile production line and turned to produce ventilators.
The Israeli Ministry of Defense also stated that the Israel Aviation Industry Corporation has cooperated with a medical equipment manufacturer to further expand the production scale of ventilators, and has now delivered 30 ventilators to the Israeli Ministry of Health.
But more and more countries purchase Ventilators from China manufacturers, Because they are a stable and real manufacturer of medical products, so that they can make sure the quality is good and qualified.
No matter how good you feel about the manufacturers, it is always a good idea to do inspections and due diligence for all your suppliers.
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