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In modern clinical medicine, the ventilator, as an effective method that can artificially replace the autonomous ventilation function, has been widely used in respiratory failure caused by various reasons, anesthesia and respiratory management during major surgery, respiratory support therapy and emergency resuscitation. It occupies a very important position in the field of modern medicine. Ventilator is a vital medical device that can prevent and treat respiratory failure, reduce complications, save and prolong the lives of patients.
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Overseas epidemic situation continued to spread, the demand for ventilator skyrocketed, and domestic ventilator became a popular product. In short supply, the price of ventilator soared, and a large number of resellers appeared.
At present, medical ventilator is generally divided into two types: invasive ventilator and non-invasive ventilator. Invasive ventilator is mainly used to treat unconscious patients with severe respiratory failure. Non-invasive ventilator is aimed at patients with high risk of respiratory conscious respiratory failure.
The core technology determines the “grade” of the ventilator. In terms of medical invasive ventilators, generally speaking, high-end ventilators use air compressors to supply air, the chip technology is high, and the core algorithm runs reliably; while low-end invasive ventilator turbines supply gas and chip technology is low.
The domestic ventilator generally can only meet the needs of the low-end market, and the high-end products are mainly foreign-funded products.
At present, affected by the epidemic, the total number of existing ventilators in the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Italy is about 210,000, and the global demand gap is about 900,000. Overseas epidemics continued to spread, demand for ventilator skyrocketed, domestic ventilators became hard currency, and prices soared.
Due to the shortage of ventilators in overseas markets, bidding may also exist. Earlier, the governor of New York stated that New York is currently in a bidding battle with other states and the US federal government for the ventilator. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s bid is among the best. The bidding war makes the purchase of ventilator very inefficient.
Domestic ventilators must meet export standards. Medical ventilators are classified into three types of medical devices, which are the highest level medical devices and medical devices that must be strictly controlled. The “Regulations on the Administration of Export and Sale Certificates for Medical Device Products” stipulates that if medical device product registration certificates and production licenses have been obtained in China, or medical device products have been filed and filed, the drug regulatory department may issue “Medical Device Products Certificate of Export Sales.
If you want to export a domestic ventilator to overseas, you must obtain the corresponding overseas market access certification. For example, the United States requires FDA and Europe requires CE. However, there are not many domestic manufacturers that meet the standards, and it takes time to obtain these certificates.
No matter how good you feel about the manufacturers, it is always a good idea to do inspections and due diligence for all your suppliers.
China Ventilator Manufacturer

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