Frozen Supply Chain

Frozen Tilapia Factory
The Frozen fish and frozen sea foods supply chain business is Best Plus Group core business sector for bulk commodity. Best Plus Group has been specialized in the frozen fish and frozen sea foods supply chain industry, thus relying on its channel advantages and synergy between industry and finance accumulated over the years, the Frozen fish and frozen sea foods chain business has achieved high-speed and stable expansion, with a business layout not only covering main domestic Frozen fish and frozen sea foods production bases and consumption areas, but also actively developing the international market.
Best Plus Group has always kept up with the market development trends, constantly changed and upgraded its business model, and given full play to the platform advantages of core enterprises of supply chain on the basis of optimizing and improving its profitability of the self-operated businesses. Best Plus Group has integrated trading, logistics, information and futures, which enable it to provide diversified and systematic supply chain services for customers at each links of the supply chain, in order to improve transaction efficiency and reduce transaction costs, thereby creating a benign ecosystem for the win-win development of the Frozen fish and frozen sea foods industry chain.

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