Medical Protective Mask

Medical protective masks refer to self-absorbent filtering dust-proof medical protective articles that can filter particles in the air, prevent the spread of certain respiratory infectious microorganisms, and block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc.
Medical protective mask A mask capable of preventing infection through air-borne diameter ≤5μmg infectious factor or close-range (≤1m) contact with droplet-borne diseases. The use of medical masks includes tightness testing, training, model selection, medical handling and maintenance.
Medical protective masks are better protective equipment. It is recommended to wear them when there is serious environmental pollution or medical infectious diseases (such as respiratory infections).
☆ Protect human body from airborne particles
☆ Suitable for protection of medical staff in infectious disease areas
☆ Suitable for protection of virus laboratory personnel
☆ Protection of various personnel during the epidemic
☆ Toxic chemical, mining staff, allergic to pollen
☆ Individual soldier protection of military biochemical weapons.
How to wear
How to wear a head mask
(1) Gently pinch the nose clip and place the mask on your face, making sure to cover your nose and mouth.
(2) The elastic band is fastened on the head to prevent air from entering.
(3) Lower elastic band is tied around the neck and fastened.
(4) Be sure to fully open the mask to minimize the number of layers used during breathing.
How to wear ear-hung masks
(1) Put your nose clip on the upper part with your hands through the earband, and put the mask on your nose and mouth
(2) The earband should be placed at the base of the ear and spread from head to toe so that the folds of the mask are fully unfolded. This helps to cover the face to the maximum and minimize the number of layers required for breathing.
(3) Gently pinch the nose clip to prevent air from entering.
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