How To Identify Factory On Alibaba

How To Identify Factory On Alibaba?
This question will be asked a lot of times from buyers. Best Plus Group Team is telling you how to do.
In today’s international trade practice, most buyers try to deal with factories directly, because factories always give better price. Maybe that is correct. But how do you do the business with the factory? How do you follow up production with the factory to protect your right?
Could you stay in factory all the time? The answer is no.
So you could have someone to represent you in that.
(If you decide to get an agent, just send inquiry to us or email us at )
#If a company is displaying too many different product categories on their Alibaba, then most probably they are a trading company.
#Check if their Business license copy which usually is in Chinese has mentioned them to be a trading company or not.
#Check if their address is in an industrial area. A local Chinese company too can help you in finding this.
#Is the company welcoming your request to visit their factory and are they open to inspections? If yes, that is a positive sign they are the actual manufacturer themselves.
#Do they reply to your inquiries quickly? Sometimes a trading company takes longer to respond because they have to check the prices and details from the actual manufacturer.
#Use a Sourcing company to do your due diligence.
#Compare their pricing to other suppliers. Remember, manufacturers should supply for a 10% to 40% cheaper price than trading companies.
How to Tell Trading Company from Factory?
If you need know more that your suppliers, you could have an agent to help you do your some action to them and check them in their place.

Factory vs trading company

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