Ghana Auto Car Market

Ghana Auto Car Market is big and fresh hot in growing cars requirements and demands.
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The manufacturing industry in Ghana has received strong support from the local government. Industrial output currently accounts for a quarter of Ghana’s GDP and is expected to account for at least 30% of Ghana’s GDP by 2021. The main driving force of industrial output will be the automotive industry.
In order to standardize the development of Ghana’s automobile industry, Ghana’s President Akufo Addo has pledged to formulate a legal instrument to regulate the Ghanaian automobile industry. Not only that, in order to fully release the potential of Ghana’s future auto parts market and help reduce the prices of domestic auto parts in Ghana, the Ghanaian government plans to abolish import tariffs on auto parts in 2017. This move will not only reduce the pressure on Ghanaian auto parts importers, but also promote the development of private enterprises in the auto parts industry.
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The African bus auto parts market is becoming one of the most important re-export markets. Over the past five years, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and other countries have seen strong demand for parts and components.
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Ghana Auto Car Market
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