China Frozen Tilapia Export

The global production of farmed tilapia in 2019 was approximately 6.5 million tons. Compared with 2018, this will mean an increase of about 3-4%. The increase in the harvest of the main producing countries has promoted this increase. China is still the largest supplier, accounting for about 26% of the total output, but Brazil and Indonesia Other countries are expanding faster. China Frozen Tilapia Export are hot.
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Chinese products are usually low-priced frozen tilapia, which are mainly sold to the US market.
At the same time, Brazil’s strong agriculture has been investing in tilapia production. In 2019, Brazil’s production increased by about 8% to 432,149 tons. Tilapia now accounts for more than half of the country’s total aquaculture production.
In 2019, the total import volume of tilapia in the United States was 172,533 tons, making it the world’s largest import market with an import value of US$591.7 million. However, compared with 2018, imports fell by 8.5%, and imports fell by 13.9%. Frozen tilapia fillets accounted for 61.7% of the total (172534 tons), valued at 390.4 million US dollars, accounting for 66%. Both the volume and value of imports of this product have declined (13.7 and 15.7% respectively).
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Data show that in 2019, EU countries imported 29,600 tons of tilapia, valued at 67 million euros. China’s share of this value has jumped from 67% in 2018 to 75% in 2019.
The price of tilapia has been on a downward trend in the past year. As of the end of 2019, the price of tilapia of 500-800 grams and 300-500 grams in Guangdong, China has dropped to around US$1.05 and US$0.77 per kilogram respectively. Compared with the peak in 2019, these larger prices dropped by $0.28, and smaller prices dropped by $0.42.
At the same time, the export price of frozen whole tilapia fell by about 9% year-on-year, slightly above US$2 per kilogram. At the beginning of 2020, the decline in China’s exports caused prices to rise.
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China Frozen Tilapia Export
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