Active Carbon Masks

Activated carbon Mask, anti-odor dust mask, produced by mask manufacturers, with N95 grade high-efficiency electrostatic filter material + activated carbon in the middle
1) There is a protective layer of activated carbon, which is anti-bacterial and blocks organic odors!
2) Comfortable to wear, with adjustable hidden plastic nose clip to fit the face for tightness
3) Inside the mask, there is pad cotton on the back of the nose clip strip, which makes it very comfortable to wear
Using BFE electrostatic filter material, it is effective in antibacterial, sterilization, dust blocking and anti-odor. The irregular structure of the high-efficiency electrostatic filter material effectively blocks particulate matter, and at the same time, it can absorb very small particles with static electricity. Can block 0.075 micron non-oily particles effectively protect breathing health. The electrostatic filter material greatly improves the ability to prevent dust and particles, and the effect of preventing 0.2 micron particles is more than 97%, which makes our masks have strong protection.
Fully automatic ultrasonic production process, manufactured in a closed sterile clean room. Every mask is clean and hygienic. Our masks do not need to be sewn, which reduces manual pollution by traditional sewing techniques.
Traditional gauze masks have too large apertures and are extremely low in dust-proof efficiency, which poses serious hidden dangers to lung health. A mask with a high-density BFE filter should be used.
Our masks have been certified by Lao An in China and have obtained LA certification. They are non-woven masks that strictly comply with Chinese new national standard GB2626-2006 and EU EN149 standards. After repeated tests, the filtration efficiency of PM2.5 particles is more than 98%, which effectively blocks dust, haze, bacteria, influenza viruses, etc.
Masks are suitable for:
Grinding, sanding, cleaning, sawing, bagging, etc .; electronics factory; hardware factory; furniture factory; injection molding workshop, etc.
Particles produced during the processing of ore, cement, coal, iron ore, flour, cotton, metal, wood, pollen and certain substances
Liquid or non-oily substances produced by sprays that do not emit oily aerosols or vapors

  1. To ensure that the mask is clean, avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.
  2. Every time you wear a dust mask, you should immediately check the “tightness of wearing” to ensure that the mask is in the correct position
  3. Wash your hands before wearing the mask every time. If you need to be exposed to a dusty and polluted environment, you should always wear a mask
  4. When you feel the breathing resistance increases significantly, or when the mask becomes dirty or damaged, you should replace the mask as soon as possible.
  5. This mask cannot be washed. Water washing will damage the filter structure and cause penetration. And destroy the filtering performance of the electrostatic filter
  6. Unused masks should be stored in a clean environment. Protect the mask from damage, dirt, sticky dust, direct sunlight, high temperature, or harmful chemical pollution. When storing the mask, avoid deformation of the mask.
  7. Masks cannot be sterilized in a microwave oven and cannot be cleaned

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active Carbon Mask

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